Anonymous said: What's your most prized possession?

Mr. Bear. A teddy bear given to me by my grandfather when I was born. He died a few years later. But he is a strong link between my father and I.

Anonymous said: Do you like My Chemical Romance?

Absolutely positively not.

Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on the new Slipknot album?

Haven’t listened to it all, but I didn’t like their newest song that’s been getting pushed. Slipknot has always had such a unique sound to me. I think they sound too much like a typical metal band now.

Anonymous said: Where are you from/raised? I'm trying to figure out what your accent is :) e.g. your way to pronounce "room" /Cat from Sweden

Massachusetts lol

Anonymous said: Is youtube your full time job?

Yes it is

Anonymous said: Have you ever been to Canada? what do you think of the country? (even if you haven't been there, I'd like to know what you think)

Been to Montreal. I like Canada a lot :)

Anonymous said: what's your favorite sport?

Not a big sports guy. Probably American football I guess.

Anonymous said: do you play any instruments?

Unfortunately not. One day I’d like to take up violin.

Anonymous said: Would you ever visit the UK?

Hell yeah!

Anonymous said: You're such a cutie and your funny. Wish I could tell you this off of anon XD

You could! I don’t judge!